Meet Our Staff

Our team is our family…..
Our team is like a family. We are always there to pick each other up to achieve their goal. We all have the same goal to see Ambaalika at the top of the world.

We are happy to introduce you with Ambaalika Family.

Head of the Family

Mr. Prem Soni Mr. Jatin Joshi
Founder/Partner/Director Founder/Partner/Director

Mr. Prem Soni and Mr. Jatin joshi 2 Young boys started their journey when they were only 12 years old. While studying together they decided to do business and explore their selves worldwide.

Nobody can stop you if your decision is as strong as mountain.
After graduation they collected the information and understood the requirements of starting a business. So they started to gain their technical knowledge which was necessary to start working on their dream.
After very hard work they achieved their goal and got success to create a team of artisans under one roof. Now its team is world famous as the name of Ambaalika Jewels.

Imagination of the family members

Ambaalika Designing Team

Ambaalika is worldwide famous just because of its unbeatable designs. Ambaalika have 6 high skilled Jewellery Designers. Ambaalika’s Jewellery designing team have won many Jewellery design competitions. Some of our designers have won some international Jewellery design competitions also.
The partners of the Ambaalika Jewels have visited many states of India and found the high skilled artisans that’s why the artisanship and craftsmanship of Ambaalika provides that is unbeatable.
Ambaalika is inspired from the culture of Rajasthan and most of the designs they produce that is on heights.

Manual Jewellery Designing Team
Manual Jewellery designing: Manual Jewellery designing is that art who helps to the artisans for placing his ideas on paper. We have 5 high skilled Jewellery designers. They are not only designers who are capable to make a nice drawing on paper. We have the designers with full of ideas and high strength to make the designs unbeatable. We only hire that designers who are capable to provide designs which are unique in whole world.

Our designers make designs to deliver the imagination to Jewellery lovers.

Anu Thakur
H.O.D. Manual Designing Team

3D Graphical Jewellery Designing Team
3D Jewellery designing: Ambaalika Jewels have a 3D Jewellery designing team of 5 designers. After the selections of manual Jewellery designs we sent the final designs to our 3D Jewellery designing team for making master piece of our designs. They create a 3D model and after all amendments accordingly to requirement of design we send a rendering image to our clients so they would be able to see that how the design will look after completion. This method save our and our valuable clients time and provide us the final product for casting and bulk production.

Ved Soni
Head of 3D Jewelry designing Dept.

Jewelry Production
Jewelry manufacturing process includes most advance technologies and dedicated research. Jewelry making is a very composite process undergoing a long and slow procedure making it tough from the initial point to the concluding point. Each procedure undergoes a series of procedure before we get the net product as a beautiful jewelry product.
The natural component of jewelry (Stone, Metals and accessories) will undergo multiple processes. These jewelries are unique and involve a lot of time and skills. Except for personalized Jewelry which are handcrafted, most of jewelries are executed by casting machines. Our team is specialized in all procedures of Jewelry making. Our technicians are very much efficient and high skilled

Piyush Soni
H.O.D Jewelry Production team

Quality Control Team
Quality control team is playing role of back bone of company. We do quality inspections at every stage of jewelry production like wax inspection, Casting inspection, Filling inspection, polishing inspection, Stone inspection, Stone setting inspection, Plating Inspection and final product inspection. Our each and every product goes under high inspection with depth of the product

Surendra Singh Rathore
H.O.D Quality Control team
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